20″ Hyper Spinner Pro Boys’ BMX Bike, Black

$117.28 (as of April 16, 2017, 7:32 pm)

Spinner Pro Signature model
Micro-drive front and rear sprockets
Alloy platform BMX pedals

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hyper spinner boy bike

In fact, 20-inch hyper spinner pro bike consists of excellent alloy features platform like BMX pedals, and this bike could come with the micro-drive rear and front sprockets. These kinds of the sprockets helpful to smooth ride even in the rough roads. Microdrive has 360-degree handlebar rotary motion which allows the people to obtain excellent riding experience. It contains strong design and components so that people can thoroughly enjoy their ride. It enhanced the control and grip however it designed with the multi-surface tires. Multi-tier might tremendously flexible to use because of the rear sprockets.

Amazing features involves in hyper spinner bike:

In fact, BMX bike contains the strong design, and people can also experiment with the different kinds of stunts with more confidently. It has multi-surface tires, and this bike could manufacture with the steel frame. This kind of bike is mostly suitable for kids, and it is completely safe to ride. It is entirely different from another bike because of the spinner pro signature model will give you a better experience. When it comes to the gear changing which mean speed up the ride with easy effort. If you have a kid at your home, then you can present this bike, and it is only suitable for a boy.

Brakes: U-Brakes are one of the most attractive parts of this bike because it offered a thrilling experience.

Handlebars: It has branded handlebar like BMX so that is having long lasting properties and it has 360-degree handlebar rotation

Seat: It is made up with the BMX saddle

Assembly: Actually, an adult assembly is required for 20-inch boy bikes so that kid can assemble this bike with the help of their parent.

Pedals: It manufactured with the BMX alloy platform which enables safety travel

Tires: In fact, 20-inch hyper spinner BMX could be fitted with the multi-surface tires

Sex: It is only suitable for boys of eight to twelve-year kid

Wheel size: It has wheel size of 20 inches which could offer safety drive when you ride in uneven road

Bike frame:  It designed with the sturdy steel frame material so that kid can obtain more joy

Terrific specification available in hyper spinner bike

Actually, hyper spinner bike is only available for boys because it is specially designed to perform the stunt activities. It could be available in two colours like green and black so that people might choose the best one according to their desire. Manual assembly is required to this bike, and these bikes mostly opt to eight to twelve-year kid. It belongs to the hyper bicycles brand, so that has worked for a long time. This bicycle has a diameter up to 20 inch, and spinner has the professional signature style. In fact, it comes with the lowest price so that people can totally save their money and effort. It could be the ideal choice for presenting a gift for your kid. It could be considered as the outdoor recreation product and hyper spinner bike could ride the best sports bike. It could different from the racing and mountain bikes.

Frame: Steel frame

Handlebars: BMX handlebar

Tire type: Multi-surface

Pedals: BMX alloy platform pedals

Seat: BMX saddle

Brakes: U-Brakes

Weight: 38 pounds

Wheels size: 20 inches

Brand: Hyper bicycle

Size: 20 inch

Colour: Black, Green

Assembly: Required

Dimension: 33.27 x 22.05 x 53.5 inches

Number of Speeds: Single Speed

Age Group: Children or kids

Sport: Bicycling

Age Range: 8 to 11 Years

Reasons for buying hyper spinner BMX bike

One of the main reasons to buy this bike was multi-surface tires so that kid can ride this bike on an uneven surface. Light frame is other reasons for buying this bike because a kid can easily handle this bike. Time has been changed so it could be the perfect time to buy hyper spinner bike. It is the freestyle BMX bike and gyro allows the handlebar to rotate at 360 degrees. If you have eight to twelve-year kid, then you can buy BMX bike. This kind of the bike is often used in the race because it might easily perform on flat ground, wooden ramps and obstacles that could found in streets. This bike could be constructed with the coaster brakes and lightweight steel rims so it might be strong enough for racing.










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