Merax Finiss 26 inch Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike

Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes

Lightweight Heat Treated Aluminum Mountain Frame
26″ Double Wall Aluminum Rims Wheels for Easier Rolling
Shimano 21-speed Derailleurs and Shifters for Reliable Shifting

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Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike(Recommended by Xtremebikerider)

With mountain biking growing in popularity by lever and bounds every year, it can be difficult to hack through the forest of options available for this sport and level of exercise. Choosing the right mountain bike for your expected use and fitness level can be challenging. If you are an inexperienced rider just starting a fitness program, you need a different bike than the seasoned rider with an aggressive exercise routine.

Aluminum Frame

If you want a light durable bike, the frame of the MeraxFiniss bike is aluminium. With its use of aluminium, MeraxFinisskeeps the weight down to 33 pounds. This is a good weight for a mountain bike. It is not difficult to carry around from one trail to another; it is easy to control, and aluminium will last almost forever.

Shimano Speed Shift Forks

Many manufacturers of beginning and intermediate bikes often use inferior parts when it comes to the bike’s gears and speeds. The Shimano gears are acceptable and changing them is smooth. You change speeds on the handlebar. On other bikes, it is hard to change gears on more challenging terrain, but the MeraxFiniess lets you change gears with no problems and only one movement.

Shimano Front and Rear Derailleurs

Derailleurs are used to change speeds. They are mounted on the handlebars and control the gears on the front and rear wheels. When you want to change speed, you use the mechanism on the handlebars sending the message to switch gears down to the derailleur system. The derailleurs then change your gears, so a good derailleur system is important. Merax Finiss uses Shimano superb quality front and rear derailleurs for easy and safe gear changes as you ride.

26″ Wheel Size

The more experienced and demanding mountain bike rider requires a ride that’s as smooth as possible. Merax Finiss has chose to use 26-inch wheels here in place of the 29-inch. This26-inch wheel size is what most beginning and intermediate users like as bikes with these wheels are easy to control and handle bumps and shakes well.

Double-Walled Rims

Single-walled rims result in little protection for the wheels and frame. The double-walled rims on theMeraxFiniss 26-inch provide an extra layer of protection needed to save the rider’s money that could be spent on laborious and expensive frame repairs.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

New to the world of biking is the manufacturing of mechanical disc brakes to provide superior braking power over rim brakes. A better degree of control and more effective and safer braking speed will be quickly apparent to the intermediate rider. This superior inclusion enhances the safe operation of the bike and increases durability because mechanical disc brakes result in less friction on the frame.

Ease of Operation

All riders want a smooth ride uphill, downhill, straight track, or around corners. It is no longer acceptable to make mountain bikes with awkward shifting processes, especially over a variety of terrains. This capability is common in most of the today’s mountain bikes and the quality of the MeraxFinessprovides simple and safe operation.

Perfect 26″ Wheels For a Smooth Ride

The aluminium frame means the MeraxFiniss is lightweight, durable, and going to be almost effortless to ride. Aluminum is also proven to be a long-lasting material and is the perfect material for the best mountain bikes. A smooth ride is possible with the compliment of the 26-inch wheels.

The beginning and intermediate riders will start to notice that these larger wheels absorb shock less than more expensive and capable models for experienced riders, so the ride can be uneven when it shouldn’t.

While the 26-inch wheels make downhill riding easier and result in a smoother ride, the aluminium frame combined with the 26-inch wheels make for a very pleasing riding experience.

Superb Design

No matter how easy the MeraxFiness is to ride, this does not mean the design and development of this mountain bike should be compromised. Your enjoyment should be the direct result of consistent and superb design.Your mountain bike should operate with the feeling that all its parts are working together. MeraxFiness made smart choices here to make this happen.

For example, they chose the Shimano derailleurs to compliment the Shimano gear system. Solid and seamless construction and design are trademarks of the Shimano Company who has a proven track record. The relationship of the derailleurs to the handlebar gear control has been well thought out. If you put your bike at risk for damage, this will result in as little inconvenience as possible.

The design of these unique mechanical disc brakes improves riding on rougher, fast surfaces where braking speed is crucial. A mechanical disc brake system is the standard braking system on the market. The power is immediate and reliable, so for quick turns and reducing gears for more challenging terrain, there is a superior and easier ride.

Surprisingly, perhaps the only downside of theMeraxFiness is the mechanical disc brakes. They will require a bit of getting used to for riders who haven’t used them and allowing seamless operation by the more skilled user.


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