RoyalBaby Space No. 1 Aluminum Kids Bikes 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, Boy’s Bike and Girl’s Bicycles, Gift for Kids Price: $127.21 (as of 12/01/2020 21:49 PST- Details)

Frame/Fork: Hydroformed Aluminum frame and BMX TIG welded steel fork with leading edge dropouts
Wheels/Tires: Steel 16 hole rims with rubber wide 2.4 inch knobby tires with custom Royal Baby tread
Drivetrain: Enclosed chain guard, non-slip resin pedal with reflector and one piece crank



Royal baby space bike

In fact, Royal baby space is the newly developed bike for kids, and it is the number one aluminium alloy kid’s bike for both girls and boys. It designed with the crisp, clear graphics look, and it offers the reliable ride with the lowest price. It consists of the unique frame shape and convention Royal baby tires. Actually, it could be equipped with the bottle cage, training wheels, bell and water bottle. It contains heavy duty long lasting wheels so young kid can easily use this bike. It comes with the different kinds of the front handbrake like 12, 14 and 16-inch models. It is the ideal birthday gift for your child.

Features involves in the Royal baby space aluminium kids bike

Fork or Frame is one of the main important parts of this bike because it consists of the hydroformed aluminium outline. It manufactured with the leading edge dropouts along with the BMX welded steel. It could be available in plenty of frame size which includes twelve inches, fourteen inches, sixteen inches and eighteen inches. This bike contains the twenty hole steel rims and 2.4-inch knobby tires. It could be the ideal choice for both boy and girl kids because it created with the top notch features. In a present world, many of the people are offered positive feedback and review to this bike. It enclosed with the chainguard, one piece crank and non-slither resin pedal. It is the trendy and newest model bike for kids, and it contains excellent rear coaster brake.

Fork or Frame-It designed with the hydroformed aluminium frame and BM TIG steel form along with leading edge dropouts. The frame allows you to bend the bike at appropriate turns

Brakes-It is made up with the rear coaster and front caliper brake, and it contains kid size brake lever

Drivetrain-It could be enclosed with the chain guard and reflector with nonslip resin

Tires-It has 16 hole steel rims with the wide 2.4-inch rubber, and it consists of custom baby tread

Extras-This bike contains cage, bell, heavy duty training wheels, water bottle and assembly tools

Frame size-It comes with the different kinds of frame size like 12″, 14″, 16″ and 18″

Sex-This bike is suitable for both boys and girls of all ages

Wheel size-Royal baby kid’s bike could come with the 12 inch wheels

Excellent specifications available in the Royal baby space kid bike

Luckily Royal baby space kid bike could opt choice for boys and girls. This bike is consists of the twelve inch wheel size. It considered as the branded bike like Royal baby and wheel diameter contains twelve inch. In case you have kid up to three to five years then you can choose the fourteen-inch bike. People can also pick the saddle height based on your kid age and saddle weight might range from 17.3 to 27.6 so that you can select the best one. Coaster and front V-brake type are used on this bike. This kind of the bike could come within your budget so that people can save their money. Training wheels are also available on this bike and kickstand provided by sixteen and eighteen inches of bike. Reflector, tool, and additional bell features are offered when you buy this bike.

Frame: Hydroformed aluminum frame

Gearing: Single speed

Fork: BMX TIG welded steel fork along with leading edge dropouts

Drivetrain: Nonslip resin pedal and enclosed chain guard

Wheels/Tires: 12” wheels

Cockpit: Front caliper brake and rear coaster

Dimensions: 34.00 x 7.00 x 20.00 Inches

Brand: Royal baby

Extras: assembly tools, water bottle, cage, bell and Heavy duty training wheels

Sport: Bicycling

Colour: Black and red

Effective reasons for buying Royal baby space kid bike

Actually, Royal baby space kid bike is the perfect gift for your kids, and people can thoroughly enjoy their ride when they use this bike. Red kid bike comes with the wide range of knobby tires along with the custom thread. There are different size and colours of the Royal baby aluminium bike is there so that people can select the best one based on their requirements. Heavy duty wheels are the attractive part of this bike, and it might be the finest one for long adventures.




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