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How To Inflate Tubeless Bike Tires?

Being an owner of a road bike with tubeless tires, I have always felt the need to inflate the tires often. As visiting a bike shop at a time when your tires ...

Are Mountain Bike Pedals Universal?

Mountain bike pedals can be found in different sizes and designs. Generally, the bigger the pedal, the more control it gives you while riding. However, if you ...

How to Take Off Bike Pedals Without a Pedal Wrench

Have you ever tried to remove a pair of pedals from a bicycle when you find out that they're really stubborn maybe because they're rusted in place and ...

How Much Cycling to Lose 1kg?

You might be wondering: how much cycling does it take to lose 1kg? Or even five or ten. I've weighed various bikes and computed the time to cycle 100 km while ...

The Effects of Cycling on Body Shape

You might be wondering whether cycling is good for toning your muscles. You might also want to know if it can help you achieve a flat stomach. Cycling can ...

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