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Fix Any Bike Repairs Yourself With Park Tool Repair Stand

If you own a bicycle, you are surely acquainted with the repairs and maintenance. On the urgent call, say at home or on a ride while camping, one can’t go to the mechanic for possible repairs. Bikers usually know the process but fail to perform due to no equipment. Park Tool PCS 10.2 has launched the latest home repair stand that you can also carry around with you.

Adjustable Clamps: Access to fix 1″ to 3″ diameter tubes. The CAM access clamps are adjustable and allow 360 degrees rotation. Tight gripped micro-adjustable hold allows a stronghold for immovable repairs. It provides easy entry, adjustment and removal. The peak height is adjustable to 39″ to 57″. Varied clamping pressure changes protect the thin-walled tubes from damage.

Robust: Easy to carry around a structure can deceive the durability and strength. The complete metal body, with structured texture powder coating, has a stiff and strong structure. It has a tight grip and quick release lever mechanism. It can bear the bike’s weight without bending off.

Foldable: Storage or luggage, space is a challenge to store the equipment. The stand is well foldable to a singular rod form with a teardrop formed aluminium tubing.

Handy: The adjustments and the clamp setups don’t need any extra screwdrivers or wrenches. The self-moving and fixing clamps can be handled using hands. Spinner handles are provided to speed up the process with smooth movements. Rubber jaw covers to protect the worker from sharp cuts or injury.

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Manufactured by the brand Park Tools famous in the USA, the mechanical repair equipment for outing bikes is available in various colours. Dimensionally, it is 4″ in height, 39″ long and 10″ wide, weighing around 13 pounds.

If you are searching for flexible heights or for using varied bikes, the model’s range doesn’t fail in the versatile diversity to suit best for repairing any bike with ease.

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