Schwinn Koen & Elm Toddler and Kids Bike, 18-Inch Wheels, Training Wheels Included, Teal Price: $168.46 (as of 15/05/2022 07:59 PST- Details)


Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20-inch wheels for Ages 2 Years and Up, Pink, Purple or Teal, Balance or Training Wheels, Adjustable Seat

Learn Biking In Style With Schwinn Elm Girls’ Toddler Bikes

Bike learning in toddler training improves both health and cognitive abilities. Children, enthusiastic about the new skill, need to be equipped with the best sport to teach them well. Schwinn Elm Girls bikes are especially launched for the eager girls trying to get to the biking world. If you wonder how the girls’ cycles are unique to the regulars, you might be just amazed to discover the super beneficial features.

Significant Design Features

  1.  Smart Build: The model is structured on Smart Start Design. It provides an apt posture and comfortable position while riding. The seat peddles and handles exactly for the younger build to make them learn without dismay.
  2.  Adjustable Features: Toddlers grow quick, and so does the demand for bigger cycles. The Elm bikes have flexible varying features that can change dimensions as required. More surprisingly, they don’t need any external tools but manually handled such that the child herself can fix them!
  3. Double Brakes: While learning the tactics of controlling the balance is the toughest. The braking system should be compatible to help avoid injuries to a higher degree, and they shouldn’t be difficult to manage. The combined effect of the rear coaster and the front brakes reduces the hand pressure and easily helps in inclined streets.
  4. Rugged Tyres: Suitable to ride on any roads, pavements or even grassy grounds, the learning doesn’t demand the extra need to find a fitting place to ride.

How Does The Model Look?

If you are excited to try out the latest features made especially for young girls, make sure the model you are searching for matches the given features. The wheels are 18″ wide fit to the narrowly built seat and handle structure. The brake system has calliper brakes for a start, but the front hand brake is releasable later when required.

Additional training wheels, baskets or kickstand are provided for hassle-free attachments.

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